Hundreds of cars seen at illegal street race in Amsterdam

The police were called in to break up an apparent illegal street race in the Westelijk Havengebied in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon where hundreds of people had gathered. Police officers handed out various fines, a driver’s license was revoked, and a go-kart vehicle was confiscated at the scene of the alleged races.

At around four o’clock, officers saw from a surveillance police helicopter that a street race was being held on the SiciliĆ«weg. More than 200 vehicles were present at the location. The access roads were closed off so that all vehicles could be checked. These were vehicles that were either involved in the race, or in which spectators sat to watch the races, police said.

In addition, many fines have been issued for, among other things, dangerous driving, not being able to present valid documentation and illegally parking on the side of some roads.

It is currently being investigated whether more criminal offenses have been committed, based on the images from the police helicopter.